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Do You Know the 10 Most Dangerous Things to Say About Your Health?

Question MarksThomas Gray, an 18th-century poet, once wrote, “Where ignorance is bliss, Tis folly to be wise.”
Ignorance is certainly not bliss, particularly when it comes to health. Knowledge is power. When you don’t ignore your health but pay attention to what your body is trying to communicate you often can stop a minor problem in its tracks before it develops into something bigger.

Here is our list of dangerous thoughts to have regarding your health:

1.  Maybe it will go away.

2.  It comes and goes.

3.  It’s not that bad!

4.  It only hurts when I ….

5.  I know what my problem is. It’s…

6.  I was told that I have to live with it, so I do.

7.  My doctor couldn’t find anything wrong!

8.  I’ve been this way for years, so why change now?

9.  I don’t want to know!

10. It’s because of my age.

If you or a family member buys into one of these lies and the underlying condition is cancer, for example, you might jeopardize your life.  It’s the same with chiropractic subluxations. Often a simple pain that is not investigated can quickly turn into a much more serious condition.

We invite you to contact our practice today for a chiropractic exam. It’s our desire to help you feel your best and be healthy and pain-free.

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