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The Chiropractic Hypothesis and What It Means

blue x-rayChiropractic therapy is based on a simple theory. The reversible joint lesions of the spine produce far-ranging effects on the human body. Chiropractors rely on spinal adjustments as their primary corrective tool of reversing the dysfunctional spinal units called the subluxation complex.

Contemporary chiropractic doesn’t claim to be a complete therapy. It does, however, subscribe to the notion that biomechanical dysfunction can have a profound effect not only on the musculoskeletal system but also the other systems of the body.

Biomechanics of Manipulation

The biomechanical principles of leverage and force are used during a chiropractic adjustment. A manipulation consists of a high speed, but low force thrust, through the chiropractor’s hands. It’s given in a specific line of direction matching the plane line of movement of the joint being manipulated. The adjustment frees that vertebra from its restriction of motion. A manipulation is often accompanied by a popping noise from the facet joint.

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