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What's the Cracking Noise You Hear During an Adjustment?

doc-low-back-adjustmentWhile hearing a sound during a chiropractic adjustment may seem a bit unsettling, there’s no cause for concern. The cracking noise is just the result of a sudden liberation of the dissolved synovial gases contained within each joint capsule.  This release of gases is referred to as cavitations (popping sound).

Following the release of gases, there is a refractory period as the synovial gases re-dissolve (approximately 20 minutes). Manipulation of the joint should be forceful enough to produce the articular crack but not so powerful as to split the joint surfaces beyond their limit of anatomical integrity.

The popping sound is only a sign that the joint has been moved. It’s important to note that the sound alone doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is completely better. Often, several adjustments are required to complete a correction.

Helping Patients to Feel Comfortable

As information is powerful, we are happy to walk patients through every step of the adjustment. If at any time, you want us to stop, we are glad to do so. It’s our desire that you will always feel entirely at ease every time you get adjusted at our practice.

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